Welcome to Brisket and Bagels!

My name is Dave. I have a passion for cooking and eating. The recipes you’ll find here I create based on the food I want to eat and hopefully you will too. Along the way, when I find a restaurant you need to try, a noteworthy dish or something just food awesome, I’ll let you know.

Food is more than sustenance, it is a way of life. Great memories and traditions start around the family table. I can still smell my Mom’s Sunday roast after opening the front door upon returning home from church. Today, my wife and I involve our children in the kitchen, promote the importance of food, and make it a point to share meals together as a family.

The name Brisket and Bagels pays homage to my past and present (they’re also foods that I love). I grew up just outside New York City and exposure to a diverse food culture played a role in my love for food and eating. I currently reside in Austin where people love to eat out and wait hours in line for the best barbecue in the world. Despite Austinites love for BBQ, the city is routinely ranked as one of America’s healthiest cities.

I love cooking and eating so much that I dream food and I hope this site is so much of an inspiration to you, that you do the same.