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Specialty BBQ Sandwiches In Austin

I’d consider myself a barbecue purist and prefer to eat my meat unadorned by sauces and bread. But every once-in-awhile I get a hankering to wrap my hands around an over-sized sandwich and stuff my face. Here’s a list of Austin barbecue joints that feature some seriously delicious specialty BBQ sandwiches and a few other goodies to …

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Kimchi Hummus

This past weekend I took my 7 year old daughter, Big B & B, to the University of Texas food lab’s food challenge.  UT students were awarded prizes for creating early-stage business start-ups aimed at encouraging innovation in the global food system.  I learned from one of the participants that our food preferences for childhood are set …

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You can make delicious homemade spätlze in less than thirty minutes.  Even better, the recipe is simple and doesn’t require any expensive machinery.  I grew up eating these German noodles along side dishes with rich brown gravy like rouladen and sauerbraten.  Another traditional use is to mix spätzle with cheese to make käsespätlze, the German …

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