Famous Artists from Austin, Texas

What is art? Everyone around has a different definition of art. Some may consider it an opportunity to share ideas and thoughts via colors and patterns, while the rest may choose to not even give it a thought. It is just the matter of perspective and interests. However, if you are more like type 1, then you can learn some amazing things about art and its creators (artists) here. Keep reading!

Artistry in Austin

When it comes to Austin, it is known as a hub or culture and artistry. Besides Blanton, you may see a lot of small galleries throughout the city that allows the local artists to display their craft pieces. Moreover, street artwork is also encouraged by the residents there.

Top 10 Popular Artists From Austin

Austin is literally flooded with creative and competent professionals who have the ability to amaze the viewers with their skills. From professional doctors to ordinary shopkeepers; you may find a lot of people selling or showcasing their talent in different parts of the country. Below, we have complied a list of top artists from Austin for you to get inspired.

1. Mia Baxter

Mia Baxter

Mia Baxter is a well-known fine-photographer who gets her inspiration from Texan Mexican culture and Texan landscapes. Baxter is famous for her unique style of developing photo collage. She chooses to use her own prints for repurposing than opting for others’ images. 

Baxter very carefully arranges every piece of the collage to create a new craft, which displays both – the place she photographed and her art evolution. 

2. Tyler Guinn

Tyler Guinn is a master in abstract art. When you talk about art as a way of expression and sharing ideas; Tyler is the physical demonstration of this definition. He uses his work to express his empathy for people who are suffering.

His goal, as a Christian, is to craft something that personifies the deeply held values, like kindness, compassion and understanding. 

3. Vy Ngo

Vy Ngo

A Vietnamese American artist, Vy Ngo, is next on the list! She spent her childhood as a refugee and then started a career as a physician. Her art is mostly inspired by her childhood background and professional career. Ngo’s work displays the most critical themes of today’s World, like identity, vulnerability and culture. 

Initially, Ngo chose the medical field and in 2004, she moved to Austin in order to practice. She worked as a pediatrician for more than 12 years before she decided to solely focus on her painting career.

Ngo explored her relation with the idea of belonging and home as a first-generation American in her collection named ‘The IN Between.” She chose to narrate her story through art in order to advocate for her community. 

4. Hakeem Asewumi

Next one is a Nigerian American photographer. The talented star is a creative director as well who presents his crafts as “harmony and peace through the lens of a black, gay man.”

Hakeem became a part of Fulbright Scholar Program in 2017 and stayed in Johannesburg for nine months. There, he gained new perspective of working as an artist. Moreover, his exhibition ‘There Are Lifetimes Here. In the Body” was inspired by an incident happen in South Africa in which he got attacked in a crime (Hakeem was stabbed by some strangers while he and his friends were leaving the bar).

5. Kelti Smith

Kelti Smith

Keith Smith is a realist and an abstract style painter. Although she started as a traditional artist, but later she realized her true potentials are in the ‘free form.’

Her abstract work is inspired from her mother who also happens to be a stained-glass artist. However, Smith experimented more styles on her collection named Refraction no. 1, no. 2, etc. In these collections, she combined realistic imagery of foliage and the abstract to form some crafty masterpieces. 

6. Patrick Puckett

It is said for the next artist that he was ‘born-with-a-crayon-in-his-hand’ and Patrick Puckett couldn’t distant himself from colors since then! As a child, Patrick aimed to become a painter after going through an old sketchbook of his mom.

The guy knows how to play with colors and patterns. Patrick is now a father himself, and he sees his infant a future artist as the creative dad is looking forward to share artwork by his little one. Fingers crossed!

7. Angela Navarro

Angela Navarro is another famous artist who made it to our list. She is known for her signature abstract art which is an interpretation of nature and flowers. Navarro was enrolled in fine arts in Spain, but she couldn’t choose to paint as a career for many years (until her family moved to Austin). 

Once relocated, Angela got serious about art. She took inspiration from her home’s garden and got to work. Mostly, her paintings use recurring color and unending lines themes in order to show the connection between her life and the world. 

8. Ryan Runcie

Ryan Runcie

A muralist, studio artist, art instructor and whatnot! Ryan was born in east Texas and had a Bachelor degree from Texas State University in communication design. Apart from his fine art services, he also worked as a muralist and designer. 

 This talented guy, Ryan, experimented a lot of styles in his paintings. One of his signature style is the use of lively and vibrant colors in portrait’s paintings. Moreover, Runcie’s work emphasizes on taking charge of his narrative and building a new story. He is an avid traveler and takes inspiration mainly from multicultural experiences. He also teaches art in a home studio where all the relevant stuff is provided or you can bring your own things.

9. Inés Batlló

Inés Batlló is a well-known name among the famous Austin-based artists. She is basically a multimedia artist who uses drawing, painting, digital art and sculpture. Inés has quite a unique style of work; she utilizes tree raisin and beeswax for preservation of her paintings. 

The talented lady is originally from Barcelona, but she moved to Austin over 25 years back to study digital art. 

10. Ariella Austin 

Ariella Austin 

Ariella Austin earned a B.A. degree in graphic designing from the California State University. In 2014, but she didn’t move to Austin to pursue art. Austin took several fine art sessions as an undergraduate. Even after graduating, she didn’t intend to pursue her career in arts until she experienced depression. 

Ariella used painting as a tool to help her escape the ‘mental issues’ she was facing. The brave girl is an inspiration for those who are surrounded by the clouds of despair. 

Bottom Line

Art has a very deep meaning for those who are really interested. It depicts emotions, expressions, ideas and all these feelings travel directly from painters’ brush to viewers’ eyes. Art is that powerful!

In this listing we have covered top 10 famous artists from Austin, but believe me the list is longer than your thought.