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You can make delicious homemade spätlze in less than thirty minutes.  Even better, the recipe is simple and doesn’t require any expensive machinery.  I grew up eating these German noodles along side dishes with rich brown gravy like rouladen and sauerbraten.  Another traditional use is to mix spätzle with cheese to make käsespätlze, the German …


Ultimate Umami Burger Recipe

  The recipe for my Ultimate Umami Burger is just in time for National Burger Month. I’m not sure how food gets assigned a whole month versus a day on the National Day Calendar, but of all the foods Americans eat, burgers seem worthy of the extended period. We eat 50-billion burgers a year in …


Recap of Lamb Jam 2016

On Sunday February 28th, Austin area restaurants converged at Barr Mansion to compete in the 2016 Lamb Jam. The American Lamb Board established the event in 2010 with the goal of promoting the under appreciated meat. The competition and tasting takes place in multiple cities each year including Boston, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington DC. …

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