Celebrating the Legacy of Lisa Lopez, a Tejano Singing Sensation


Lisa Lopez is a Tejano singer whose 1982 single “Si Quieres Verme Llorar,” produced by Rick Garcia and published on the Hacienda Record label, peaked at the top of the Billboard Regional Mexican Airplay chart in the United States. Lopez, whose target audience was primarily Mexicans, made her Billboard Top Latin Albums … Read more

From Rising Star to Musical Trailblazer of Jennifer Peña


Jennifer Marcella Peña, a Tejano/Latin pop singer from the United States, was born on September 17, 1983. She has sold more than 3.5 million records worldwide. Peña, who also has sisters Janet and Jackie, was born in San Antonio, Texas, as the third and youngest child of Jaime and Mary Peña. Peña … Read more

Learn The Rise and Legacy of Selena the Queen of Tejano Music


American Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla Pérez, better known by her stage name Selena, was born in Texas. She was dubbed the “Queen of Tejano Music” and became one of the most well-known Mexican-American celebrities of the late 20th century because of her contributions to music and fashion. She was named third on … Read more

Learn About the Innovation of Tejano Musician Shelly Lares


Michelle Yvette Lares, better known by her stage name Shelly Lares, is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and percussionist who was born on November 13, 1971. Since 1984, Lares has been nominated thirteen times in a row for Female Vocalist of the Year. She has also won numerous additional Tejano Music Awards over … Read more

What are the most popular toppings for bagels?


One of the common most favorite breakfast items to grab and go is a bag of bagels. All the qualities of bread that people adore are present in just the right amounts in this loaf: soft, crunchy, and chewy.  A bagel’s quality, however excellent it may be, is ultimately determined by its … Read more

Learn About Successful Tejano Singer Elida Reyna

Elida Y Avante

American singer of Tejano music Elida Reyna, better known as Elida, was born on August 17, 1972, in San Antonio, Texas. Tejano music has captivated audiences for decades, igniting the dance floors and capturing the essence of a rich cultural history with its lively rhythms. Elida Reyna is one name who stands … Read more

What to Eat with Coffee for Breakfast

Pouring cream into a cup of black coffee

Breakfast is generally referred to as the most important meal of the day, and while this applies to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle, students/workers need to follow this advice. As a student/worker, eating breakfast every single day can only be good for you and offer you a plethora of health … Read more