Ideas How to Decorate A Small Kitchen

Believe it or not, the kitchen has become the soul of modern homes. “There is no place in the world that we like more than the kitchen. It does not matter where you are, or how you are; As long as it is a kitchen, a place where it is cooked, we feel fine.

If there is a place in the house that should transmit joy, that is the kitchen is only kitchen wall decor! Turn up the color volume, license yourself and follow this beautiful guide for inspirations on how to decorate a kitchen, a place where everyone will want to be, eat and share.

Use all kinds of colors

Stop thinking of the living room as the center of your home. Give your kitchen a chance and show yourself off! Forget the grays and black, there is a huge range of colors that surely you would never have thought for yourself in the kitchen, and when you see them you will not be able to say no. Convince yourself!

Always look at the furniture

Bet on furniture in radiant tones, tiles, textures, patterns, and of course, full-color lamps. It all adds up! Your kitchen will be a dream come true, a space full of personality and style, you just have to know how to do it. Get inspired by these ideas and keep order in your kitchen.

Use a baroque style

How much personality in one place! If you have the courage, this could be your kitchen.Extravagant, indiscreet, unique, with custom furniture and geometric floors. And the yellow sofa … did you ever think about it? It can be yours!

Get creative with colors

What if we just think of a totally yellow kitchen? Look at this example, it looks total, don’t you think? Matching furniture, monochrome details and you already have a unique, modern, clean and functional kitchen … Perfect for you!

Put art inside your kitchen

If you love art, do not think that in the kitchen you will only see pots, no sir! And beware, by the way, there are and very beautiful … what we are going to is that you can also include ad hoc paintings to your liking, photographs and details in color. Always think about the tone of your furniture … in this case, look at this blue kitchen.

A vintage style kitchen

There are kitchen bars for all tastes and friends who love the Mediterranean vintage world will love this idea: A design in green and white with tiles in tribute to 19th century art. Add to this natural light, a collection of ceramics and chairs in a rustic tone.

Use colored tiles

And if you generate a change including minimalist tiles in red, for example? The red and white pairing will always be a great combination for an open kitchen. Prepare a panel with a lot of personality, and the rest of your kitchen in neutral colors. You can put together the mix that you like the most like a puzzle; you will gain space and make the most of your environment.

Also decorate the floor

An intelligent organization where the white lacquered furniture stands out and the hydraulic floors delicately connected with industrial stools. The kitchen is open to the living room, generating a feeling of spaciousness. The detail of the lamp is impeccable and gives this space an almost sculptural air.

Use duality of colors

Give your kitchen wall decor dimension by using two colors. It’s a great idea! You can include two tones that fascinate you and are a good combination.As for kitchen designs, think of a folding table, you can gain a feeling of greater space to make the most of your home. Remember to use open shelves to store pots and pans.

Use the brown color

If you like a more worn style, but without ceasing to be modern, this kitchen with a small island is ideal.Terracotta is one of the full trend colors. Used in monochromatic key it looks amazing. Do you like this mix? You can include details on your counter with motivational messages and include extra space.

Decoration with prints

If you are one of those who are afraid of prints, this kitchen is for you. Look at the beauty of this mix, have you seen a more beautiful kitchen? Patterned wall and kitchen tiles and colorful furniture create the perfect equation.

Neutral tones and color accents

Storage is essential in this kitchen. This soft green creates a perfect canvas to give life to a harmonious composition where the colored lamps and the wooden furniture stand out. A more traditional version most of the time in white, but in this case, equally entertaining.

Marble on the tables

We love the floor in this kitchen! The chess format is a classic of “interior design” and if we add the marble-tone details of the countertops to them, we are talking about a modern kitchen that never loses warmth.

Mirrored kitchen

Mirrors can be our great allies in the kitchen. Remember that using a mirror involves visually playing with space to generate a feeling of greater spatiality.You can fix a large mirror on a back wall of your kitchen and you will achieve great amplitude. Everything will seem bigger and clearer.