Is organic juice pasteurized and how do I know if juice is pasteurized?

Pasteurization is a heat technique in which the harmful microbes and germs are destroyed. It makes it the liquid eatables to retain longer afresh.

Is organic juice usually pasteurized?

You need to check the pasteurized label on the juice. Such juice products need to be kept refrigerated and must be used before the expiry date. In the coming year, there are lots of pasteurized and unpasteurized organic juice products available in the market. For health and safety purposes, it is always wiser to have pasteurized juice. You may ask My Paper Done experts to make a research for you on the pros of pasteurization to have scientific proof of it.

Many top brands are serving their organic juice in the market. Here are a few top brands and you can check whether the organic juice from these brands is pasteurized or not.

Brand Pasteurized Unpasteurized
Santa Cruz apple juice Yes No
Trader Joes No Yes
Evolution organic orange juice No Yes
Dole Orange Peach Mango Yes No
Organic 365 Yes No
Lakewood Yes No

Consuming untreated or unpasteurized is a risk to your health. So before having the next glass of your juice, you must verify whether it is pasteurized or not.

Organic juice

Here are some useful advices to do so:

  • Check for the warning label – On the unpasteurized juice, you may have the warning message regarding the risk of harmful bacteria.
  • See the pasteurized label – If it is pasteurized then it will be mentioned on the juice packet that they have been treated and pasteurized.
  • Confirm from the brand – Do not take the risk of foodborne illness. Confirm it by the brand or the concerned authority regarding the pasteurization process of the juice.

Considering the above points, you can adopt all the safety measures to make the best, organic, and pasteurized juice in your daily routine and boost your immune system. True organic juices such as lemon and organic juices must be consumed for a healthy and improved immune system.

Using lemon juice you can prepare Watermelon Salad or Beet Tartare.