Why cookies are soft and how to fix them to be crunchy

Cookies are best enjoyed when warm and crispy. But what do you do when yours turn out flat and soft? Oftentimes, cookies don’t bake evenly, leading to them becoming soft and gooey.

Why cookies are soft

  1. The cookies have been baked at a very low temperature, leading to the inside not baking properly.
  2. If the cookies are taken out too early, the baking only happens haphazardly – leading to soggy cookies!
  3. Poor dough-butter consistency can also lead to soft cookies. When you add too much dough, it can sometimes lead to the insides not baking evenly due to the outside being too dense.

How do you fix soft cookies?

For starters, you can put your tray of cookies back into the oven for a little while longer, ensuring to watch periodically. Likewise, cooking them at a lower temperature for a good amount of time will lead to crunchy cookies.

Another rookie cookie mistake several bakers make is cooking on a baking sheet! Make sure you bake your cookies on an aluminum tray, since aluminum helps with the even spreading of heat, giving you a crunchier exterior!

3 key ways for making crispy cookies from the very beginning

Crispy cookies

  1. Reduce moisture-holding ingredients like flour, brown sugar and eggs. When ingredients hold moisture, the cookies end up becoming dense and soggy.
  2. Bake for longer durations at lower temperatures. When compared to baking swiftly, baking slowly will ensure your cookies spread out evenly and also have a crispier texture.
  3. Replace brown sugar with white sugar or corn syrup! Brown sugar carries a lot of moisture. With processed sugar, you will get cookies that are drier and crispier.

Stop pondering over what makes cookies hard or soft!

Employ these techniques and you can relish cookies that are crispy, crunchy and incredibly delicious! 

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