Famous Spanish Christian Painters

Art can create emotions and stir the narrative of cultures, pushing them to take their imagination beyond limits, to create perceptions and imagery.   Art and religion have been at the forefront since the beginning of the study and practice of artistic expressions – be it paintings, sculptures, objects, or other literary … Read more

Chicken in White Gravy easy homemade recipe

White gravy recipe is a simple country-flavored gravy conjured up with leftovers of the skillet fat, thickened by milk & flour roux. In the subcontinent, the white gravy recipe belonging to Mughlai cuisine is richer and creamier than the western versions. The chicken in white gravy recipe is a rich amalgamation of … Read more

Crispy sweet-tangy homemade American Chop Suey recipe

Homemade American chop suey recipe is a tasty hodgepodge with varied textures emanating from crispy noodles as well as gravy-soaked soft noodles, bursting with flavors of tangy mildly sweet saucy tomato gravy, vegetables, chicken, (ground beef, prawns, optional) topped with a bulls-eye egg which adds to texture & flavor. The varied recipe … Read more