My wife isn’t one to obsess over food.  So when she told me four times how much she liked the wild mushroom pizza at St. Philip, I took note.  And she’s right, it is notable.  The pizza delivers big garlicky roasted mushroom flavor.  Traditional red sauce is replaced by St. Philip’s seriously flavorful umami sauce which is …

Desserts Recipes


Last year the only time I had pumpkin was the pie I ate at Thanksgiving.  Totally unacceptable!  I wasn’t going to let this Fall pass by without making amends for my lack of pumpkin consumption last season.  So far I’ve had brown butter pumpkin risotto, pumpkin brownies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin ice cream and …

Condiments Recipes

Golden Beet Vinaigrette

My five and seven year old children are pretty adventurous eaters. The more peculiar the food, the more likely the older one is to try it. Last night she finished a bowl of past with sea urchin (uni). The younger will make assumptions that she doesn’t like a food before trying it. For instance, she’s …

Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Huevos Divorciados

Mexican breakfast is delicious.  There’s tons of it to go around here in Austin.  Breakfast tacos, chilaquiles, migas and huevos rancheros all have a heavy presence on the menus of restaurants in town.  But finding one of my favorite dishes, huevos divorciados (divorced eggs), has proven to be more difficult.  The dish features two eggs, one smothered …

Condiments Recipes

Mushroom Gravy

I love gravy! A plate of roast beef with mashed potatoes smothered in rich, flavorful gravy is soul-satisfying. Sopping it up with a piece of bread is even better. I might have even licked a gravy laden plate clean once or twice in my lifetime. But gravy doesn’t have to be relegated to Sunday supper …


Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival Roundup

This past weekend carnivores and music lovers from near and far gathered in Tyler, Texas for the second annual Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival. Barbecue aficionados packed downtown to sample smoked meat from eighteen joints from across the state. The lineup was formidable with eleven of the eighteen ranked on the Texas Monthly Top 50 …

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