Famous Bands that Started in Austin

TOD in Vancouver March 2009

Austin City is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” because o of the high number of venues hosting live performances in the city, sometimes reaching over a hundred all in the same night.  Home to some of the biggest music events and festivals in the world, such as Austin … Read more

Famous Athletes from Austin, Texas

Steve Austin in 2003

Austin, Texas is one of the best places in the United States. The state is not only famous for its tourism destinations and unique pop culture but it is also popular for being the home of several top athletes. Most of these athletes have either gone to global levels and broke several … Read more

Famous Actors from Austin, Texas

Elijah Wood has presented some of the most outstanding films of Hollywood

The Hollywood industry has stars from all corners of America. All of them are extremely talented and have made names for themselves, both nationally and internationally. A lot of these A-listing celebrities come from Austin, Texas. Here we’re going to discuss the lives of these celebrities living in Austin, Texas. Keep an … Read more

Famous Musicians From Austin, Texas


Austin is certainly one of those cities that has a major influence in the music industry for decades. From iconic artists to rock pioneers and classical singers; you will find a lot of talent here.  Scroll through the page to read on about top 10 famous musicians from Austin to create a … Read more

Famous Artists from Austin, Texas


What is art? Everyone around has a different definition of art. Some may consider it an opportunity to share ideas and thoughts via colors and patterns, while the rest may choose to not even give it a thought. It is just the matter of perspective and interests. However, if you are more … Read more