What are the Popular Texas Artist Communities?

Sculptures in Houston Heights, Texas

“The wild west!” This is what pops up in our minds when we hear someone talking about Texas. We immediately get an image of a cowboy with a broad-brimmed hat, slowly walking in a barren land. Is that what Texas is all about? Certainly not! In fact, it would be unfair for … Read more

Why Texas is called the Lone Star State?

The flag of Texas

Out of the 52 states of the USA, the state of Texas has always held significance throughout history. It is the second-largest state of the US by area, population, and economy. It is also the land that has inspired many filmmakers to make movies on the “wild west.” Cowboys and Texas go … Read more

What Is Tejano Music?

Elida Reyna who was one of the Tejano music singers.

Music is something enjoyed all over the world. It brings entire nations, and people together. With time, different ethnicities have put their twist to the tunes, and have come up with new genres of music. One such very popular genre is Tejano Music. Tejano is a blend of European, Mexican, and American … Read more

Famous Spanish Christian Painters

Art can create emotions and stir the narrative of cultures, pushing them to take their imagination beyond limits, to create perceptions and imagery.   Art and religion have been at the forefront since the beginning of the study and practice of artistic expressions – be it paintings, sculptures, objects, or other literary … Read more

Specialty BBQ Sandwiches In Austin

El sancho loco-2 I’d consider myself a barbecue purist and prefer to eat my meat unadorned by sauces and bread. But every once-in-awhile I get a hankering to wrap my hands around an over-sized sandwich and stuff my face. Here’s a list of Austin barbecue joints that feature some seriously delicious specialty BBQ … Read more