The Different Types of Barbecue

Multiple styles of barbecue are famous all over the US. 

Barbecue, also known as grilling, is one of the favorite ways of cooking food for Americans. Over the past few years, there has been a drastic increase in the sales of barbecue grills as well as the demand for grilled food. While many countries have a single style of barbecuing meat, there … Read more

What is Barbacoa?

A traditional pit built for making Barbacoa or Mandi.

Most of us are aware of the traditional way of cooking meat via a barbecue. All you need is some coal, a grill, and the fire to get it all cooked. Alternatively, many people use propane gas to fire their grills. However, if you are up to trying something new, you should … Read more

Guide to the Types of Barbecue Meats

Beef is one of the tastiest barbecue meats. 

One of the biggest questions which many food enthusiasts face when preparing a barbecue is: What type of meat should we use for barbecue? Normally, people use chicken or beef but in rare cases, other meats are also used particularly when people want a change in their taste. Find out more information … Read more

What Makes a Great Barbecue Sauce?

BBQ sauce tastes good with a steak.

The art of barbecuing to perfection is not something that can be easily learned. From giving the meat a suitable amount of heat to preparing delicious sauces, it is a complex procedure that requires learning. If the meat you have prepared is well done but the sauces aren’t, it would simply ruin … Read more

The History of Barbecue

Barbecues are one of the favorite cooking activities of Americans. Most of us have a barbecue session at our places regardless of what season it is. While the trend of barbecue continues to increase, the history of barbecue is quite interesting too. Unlike the modern grills and an easy mechanism for cooking, … Read more