How are American Chop Suey and Similar Dishes Different?

American Chop suey

American Chop Suey is a famous American Chinese cuisine; however, it is always confused with other similar dishes. There are also many versions of where this dish originated. Some say it was brought to America by Chinese migrants in the late 1800s, while others claim it originated in the U.S. Here are … Read more

What is the History of the Margarita?

A glass of margarita along with a plate of salad

Margarita is one of the most famous cocktail drinks around the world. It consists of lime juice, orange liqueur, tequila, and some salt around the rim of the serving glass and is served after blending with ice or without it.  This famous drink has a long history with several origin stories as … Read more

Crispy sweet-tangy homemade American Chop Suey recipe

Homemade American chop suey recipe is a tasty hodgepodge with varied textures emanating from crispy noodles as well as gravy-soaked soft noodles, bursting with flavors of tangy mildly sweet saucy tomato gravy, vegetables, chicken, (ground beef, prawns, optional) topped with a bulls-eye egg which adds to texture & flavor. The varied recipe … Read more

Quick and Easy Real English Christmas Pudding in Instant Pot

The traditional English Christmas pudding has been a part of Christmas in English and Irish households for years. The recipe unites a number of rich ingredients. When cooking in the English way, the pudding is usually steamed for hours. However, this recipe uses an alternative quick and easy technique to make an … Read more

TOP-3 Christmas Lamb Recipes for Dinner You never Forget

Modern festivities include lamb Christmas dinner, as a part of grand traditional feast. Roasted lamb Christmas dinner is immensely popular in Spain, New Zealand, Iceland and many other parts of the world. Lamb has become a perfect Christmas dinner main course, as it can be prepared creatively with various vegetables and is … Read more

Kimchi Hummus

This past weekend I took my 7 year old daughter, Big B & B, to the University of Texas food lab’s food challenge. UT students were awarded prizes for creating early-stage business start-ups aimed at encouraging innovation in the global food system. I learned from one of the participants that our food preferences for … Read more

Chinese Chicken And Waffles

Writing a food blog is hard work. Each week I develop a new recipe, cook it, shoot it and post it. The most difficult part is photographing the food. I’m an amateur photographer with only a sixty minute course at the local camera store as my only prior instruction. I’m still learning … Read more


You can make delicious homemade spätlze in less than thirty minutes. Even better, the recipe is simple and doesn’t require any expensive machinery. I grew up eating these German noodles along side dishes with rich brown gravy like rouladen and sauerbraten. Another traditional use is to mix spätzle with cheese to make … Read more