Recipes Using Beef and Chorizo

Chorizo sausage

Chorizo is a fatty and highly spiced sausage usually flavored with garlic and paprika. It is a traditional favorite in Mexico, Portugal, and Spain. Chorizo can be eaten alone or incorporated into recipes, such as egg dishes and casseroles. The Mexican chorizo is naturally made from ground pork, although some make them … Read more

What Is Salsa Doña Sauce and How Do You Make It?

Salsa Doña sauce is a highly addictive hot green sauce that restaurants have been serving for over a decade. Bertha Gonzales made the first of this creamy salsa in her hometown of Veracruz, where she once operated a taco truck. Several restaurants in Austin serve some variation of Doña taco sauce. Some … Read more

The perfect Mexican-style Beef Chorizo recipe

There’s no better way to start your day off than with a piping hot plate of Mexican chorizo! Relax, this recipe is simple and easy to learn. Fragrant, colorful, and packed with flavor, you can make this with both pork and beef. A good mix of lean and fat meat will give … Read more

Huevos Divorciados

Huevos Divorciados

Mexican breakfast is delicious.  There’s tons of it to go around here in Austin.  Breakfast tacos, chilaquiles, migas and huevos rancheros all have a heavy presence on the menus of restaurants in town.  But finding one of my favorite dishes, huevos divorciados (divorced eggs), has proven to be more difficult.  The dish features two … Read more

Must Try Specialty BBQ Sandwiches In Austin

BBQ Sandwiches

I’d consider myself a barbecue purist and prefer to eat my meat unadorned by sauces and bread. But every once-in-awhile I get a hankering to wrap my hands around an over-sized sandwich and stuff my face. Here’s a list of Austin barbecue joints that feature some seriously delicious specialty BBQ sandwiches and a few … Read more

Tacodeli Dona Sauce Recipe: Green Creamy Salsa

Tacodeli is one of my favorite restaurants here in Austin. They serve a laundry list of tacos with options that will please palates of both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. The restaurant is routinely praised for their delicious tacos, but they have also garnished awards for their salsas too. Their signature salsa … Read more

Prime Bites from TMBBQ Fest 2015

Prime Bites from TMBBQ Fest

On Sunday November 1st, twenty four of the best BBQ joints in Texas dished out boats of barbecue on the Long Center patio and lawn. The event that brought them together was the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival which takes place annually in Austin in celebration of Texas barbecue. Aside from competition events, you won’t … Read more