Is Juice Pasteurized Like Milk Is?

Citrus juice glass near the towel

We’ve all learned about pasteurized milk, whether it’s in our high school’s science book or a TV commercial about healthy food intake. It is a term that gained popularity in the 19th century when heating was discovered to relate to the deactivation of the microbes in food.  There are other beverages too … Read more

What is Braised Beef?

Braised Ox Cheek in Star Anise and Soy Sauce

Since the advent of time, we have eaten meat and plants like any other omnivore in the world, but eating raw food would not be a good choice due to our fragile bodies. So, we started cooking stuff; we cooked ground, and wet wheat, vegetables, and meat. Whether it was wild birds … Read more

What are the different types of Barbecue sauces?

What are the different types of Barbecue sauces?

Any Barbecue dish is incomplete with a special sauce. If you agree to the statement, then this article will definitely interest you! Here, we will guide you about different type of BBQ sauces and will share some unique recipes to try out and gather appreciations from your guests. Read on! Types of … Read more

The Most Popular Spreads for Bagels

Spreading on a bagel

Who would ignore bagels in the breakfast, especially when topped with their favorite spread? From cream cheese to flavored jellies to peanut butter, there are several ways to jazz up your bagels. And with so many options comes confusion, but don’t worry, we have you covered. Let’s get you through the list … Read more

Chicken in White Gravy easy homemade recipe

White gravy recipe is a simple country-flavored gravy conjured up with leftovers of the skillet fat, thickened by milk & flour roux. In the subcontinent, the white gravy recipe belonging to Mughlai cuisine is richer and creamier than the western versions. The chicken in white gravy recipe is a rich amalgamation of … Read more