What Makes a Bagel Different Than Other Types of Bread?

bagel with cream cheese and salmon

Since the beginning of civilization, bread has been a primary food making it an essential part of daily life. Over the years, different types of bread produced worldwide have significantly evolved. One bread that seems to stand out among other bread is the bagel. A bagel is a ring-shaped yeast-leavened roll that … Read more

Learning to Make Brisket Gyros

Gyros with beef on the board on white concrete table Greek cuisine

The Beef Brisket Gyros are delicious yet easy to prepare. Cook it in the oven, an instant pot, or a slow cooker; the result is the same: a mouth-watering, tender, juicy beef. What is a Gyro? Gyro is a Greek dish of roasted meat served in a pita with tomato, onion, and … Read more

Ways to Eat Gochujang Eggs

eggs in a bowl

Korean food is unbelievably delicious tends to be intensely flavored and spicy, making them one of the countries known for spicy condiments, specifically gochujang. What is Gochujang? Gochujang is a fermented chili paste made with dried red pepper flakes, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans, and salt. This paste is unique because it’s savory, spicy, and … Read more

What Drinks Must Be Pasteurized?

fresh milk

Pasteurization has become popular in recent years. It is heating food and beverages to kill pathogens and extend shelf life. Pasteurization lengthens the shelf life of foods and drinks by slowing the growth of microbes but not entirely killing them.  Pasteurizing perishable beverages such as beer, fruit and vegetable juices, wine, and … Read more

Is Juice Pasteurized Like Milk Is?

Citrus juice glass near the towel

We’ve all learned about pasteurized milk, whether it’s in our high school’s science book or a TV commercial about healthy food intake. It is a term that gained popularity in the 19th century when heating was discovered to relate to the deactivation of the microbes in food.  There are other beverages too … Read more