Some Great Reasons to Quit Smoking and Try an E-Cigarette

There is a lot of discussion about moving from traditional cigarettes to an e cigarette NZ, as a means to give up smoking. Some people feel it is better to just give up the nicotine completely rather than sub in one habit for another. Here are some reasons why it is a good and safe way to give up smoking.

Five reasons vaping can help you quit cigarettes

1. Vaping is safer than smoking

Vaping is thought to be as much as 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. There is no combustion involved with the heat source so fire risks are much reduced and there is no secondhand smoke and no toxins. It tastes better, smells better (and you smell better too) is less dangerous to your skin health, you retain better lung capacity and have better oral hygiene.

2. Vaping smells a lot better than smoking

As mentioned, having an e-cigarette does not put out the kind of odours that a tobacco cigarette does. There is no smoke involved at all, it is all about inhaling vapours. Most users of an e-cigarette NZ do not even notice any smell when it comes to vaping, and people around them do not notice it either. This is even if you are choosing to vape with a nicotine-based liquid or one that is tobacco flavoured.

3. Vaping gives you better convenience and instant craving satisfaction

When you are looking for a quit smoking option that you can use when the craving hits, and at the same times you used to smoke, an e-cigarette could be the answer. They are easy to use and convenient so all you need to do is push the button and then inhale when the vape pen is ready.

4. Play with the vapour output

Another real advantage to having an e-cigarette is that you can play with how much vapour you take in. Smaller units like pens have smaller amounts of vapour. But they are a lot easier to carry around. There are other larger devices that have more vapour. That is what people use when they are cloud chasing.

5. Control your nicotine intake

Using an e cigarette Australia actually allows you more control over how much nicotine you take in. There are a number of strengths you can choose depending on what you prefer. The good thing about this is it means you start at the level you are used to and then reduce it slowly and eventually wean yourself off if you want to.


Vaping an e-cigarette NZ is better than smoking cigarettes. Of course not being addicted to nicotine at all is best for you, but as a means to quit smoking, this is a good option for many people. If you have tried other ways and not had any success that lasted long term perhaps this is one that you find sticks.